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Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe | Bottle Gourd Halwa | Instant Doodhi Halwa at Home

lauki ka halwa

Dudhi, which is called as bottle gourd or lauki in a common language. Various types of dishes are made from this. Today, we will make a bottle gourd halwa of using Milk Powder which is very good in taste and is ready in less time.


For Lauki ka Halwa:

  • 1 kg bottle gourd or lauki
  • 250 g or 1 cup sugar
  • 200g or 1 cup milk powder
  • 100g or ½ ghee
  • 20-25 cashew
  • 20-25 almonds
  • 5-7 green cardamom

Method:  How to make Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe | Bottle Gourd Halwa | Instant Doodhi Halwa at Home

  1. To make bottle gourd halwa, peel the bottle gourd and cut gourd in 3-4 inch large pieces and wash it with clean water.
  2. After that, grate the gourd from all the sides; remove the soft part and seeds between them.
  3. Cut the almond into taller pieces, cut the cashew bite in the same length and cut off some cashew nuts in two pieces. Peel the cardamom and make powder of its seeds.
  4. To make the lauki ka halwa, keep the pan on the gas and let it heat after adding 1/2 cup ghee to the pan. When ghee is warmed, add chopped cashew nuts and almonds and fry them lightly. After changing the light color of cashew nuts, roasted cashews and almonds are ready, turn off the gas and take them out in the bowl.
  5. Again put on the gas and put the gourd in the remaining ghee and roast the gourd for 2-3 minutes continuously. After 3 minutes, cover the gourd and cook for 5 minutes on low-medium flame.
  6. Check the gourd after 5 minutes and mix gourd thoroughly. After cooking gourd lightly, cover the gourd again and let it cook for 5 minutes.
  7. Check the gourd again after 5 minutes. Bottle gourd is ready to cook. Mix 1 cup sugar in the gourd and mix it. Cover and cover for 2 minutes.
  8. After 2 minutes, when you check the gourd, then the juice has come out from the gourd. Slow down the gas and put some milk powder in the gourd, mix it well so that lumps should not be formed. After 2-3 minutes cooked the juice becomes very less. Then put roasted cashews and almonds in it and save some cashew nuts. Mix well with cardamom powder and mix it.
  9. Thick doodhi halwa is ready, now close the gas and take out the halva in the cup. The bottle gourd halwa gets ready in about 20 minutes.
  10. Garnish delicious bottle gourd halwa with remaining roasted cashews and almonds and serve hot.


  • To make lauki ka halwa, grate the gourd fresh at the same time. Otherwise, it will turn black.
  • You can use the remaining pulp of gourd to make soup.
  • When making halwa, keeps it stirring continuously, so that your halwa does not burn by sticking to the bottom.
  • Taste the gourd once before start making halwa, because sometimes the gourd is bitter, which can make your pudding bitter.
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